French Lesson: belle. Meaning: beauty

Felting is the ancient process of matting fibers together to produce a dense cloth. Felt from wool is considered to be the oldest known textile.

Wool as a raw material has been widely available since the domestication of sheep. There are more than a dozen breeds of sheep that originated in France, and it was the French who refined the process of making this cozy material.

At Ember Home Studio, our motto is "Celebrating the Warmth of Home". We believe in creating environments that are indeed warm, inviting, and that offer a place to celebrate those you love. So, it is here that our holiday line, Retrouvaille, was created - from the endearing, French term meaning: reunion or “the happiness of seeing someone again after a long period of time.” We invite you to enhance these moments with pieces that will serve as reminders (from year to year) of the joys you experience this season.

Our lovely, hand-felted wool goods have a wonderful, rustic texture due to the inherent nature of the material. You will find a slight mixture of colors in each of the fibers that give it a more nuanced appearance. This enhances the character and depth, making each item special in its own way.

  • Tree Skirt

  • 60” DIA

  • 100% wool

  • Color: Creme

  • Hand-felted

  • Hand-made

  • Created with dépaysement. Meaning: the feeling of being in another country.

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