"Our Legacies Hide in the Embers..."




About Us

The word ember has so many lovely connotations related to home, comfort, warmth, gathering and the ever-present soul of life's passions. During Ember's conception, we were inspired by a particular verse: "For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God that is in you." Those who are blessed with the ability to create beauty with their hands is at the heart of Ember.

Through 15 years of experience as interior designers, we have learned that our true passion did not lie in pulling large projects together at lightening speed, but in the time spent learning the stories behind the pieces selected for our clients. Our joy and excitement came from finding goods that had meaning, rather than just filling space. 

We want to give a voice to those who pour themselves into their craft; those who bring their gifts and talents as offerings for others to appreciate and put on display. We want to know the hands that weave, carve, paint, and mold. We want to experience their stories and listen to their tales, because one creation can connect a multitude. 

"Good design should not be a mystery, but accessible to all those who seek it."


Founder and Creative Director, Kimberly Kowalski, studied in both Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO. She holds a degree in Interior Design, and has worked for some of the city's top firms. She has been recognized by local publications for her residential work, and has received awards by national judges for her commercial projects. 

As a writer and designer, Kimberly's two passions meld together at Ember Home Studio, as she shares knowledge and insight about her favorite pieces. This gives the consumer peace of mind as they make selections for their own surroundings. "I aim to use my background as a designer to enlighten those who shop our site. Good design should not be a mystery, but accessible to all those who seek it. It's about bridging the gap between other designers, artists, artisans and those who simply love design."



Stirring the embers of good design while Celebrating the warmth of home